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Really need help with a tricky employer. blackmailing me for a good reference?

I have been working at this place for a year now, and i desperatley want to leave. I have got a new job but it is subject to 2 satisfactory references. Last night i was at work and my boss started blackmailing me, saying stuff like "you better do this well if you want a good reference." and everytime i slip up "il definitley mention this." "this isnt looking good for your reference.".. he says that he is going to write everything in the reference good and bad. I quite frankly dont think this is fair i have put up with so much **** from this place,and i have still stayed for a whole year. On top of that his behaviour towards me is completely inappropriate and he will ask to me to stay after work and have drinks with him (im 17) and watch movies with him etc.. he in the past has pretty much sexually harrassed me and all of the other female staff! i am so depserate to get away from this nutcase, i have been nothing but a good employee and dont deserve this crap.

( i live in UK )


i have already listed him as a reference because i thought he would give me the good one i deserve, so its already coming.

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    a reference doesn't mean a job reference but someone you know who will say you are a good person.

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    That is not blackmail, and you are probably mis-reading him. and by the sound of it you do deserve this crap

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    Do good job. Your post, though, is a hoax.

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