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What is the difference between good-looking, Handsome, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Cute ? ( IN A GUY )?

I've been called handsome, hot & cute, but never has anyone called me sexy or gorgeous..

I'm a guy 17, I still have some growing to do, so I'm not at that stage yet where I have lots of facial hair around the cheeks, or massive jaws...I guess I'm a semi-later bloomer, not late completely.

So what is the difference? I know I'm going to get mixed answers, but I'm talking in general ?

Older women call me handsome-good looking, semi-older women call me cute, and girls younger than me call me hot, and girls my age .... well , only a couple have called me cute and good looking.

If I get around 20-25, will I get out of that Handsome/cute stage and become sexy ? :-)

I'm French-Korean-Irish

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    Well I do find older men to be more sexy, so yeah. 'Hot' tends to be a term I use for guys I just find good-looking - nothing special, usually. Beautiful and gorgeous tend to go with the same type of guy, either he looks semi-feminine or he has a really pretty face. Cute is something that usually goes with guys that are, well, cute. As in, they sometimes have some childish qualities to them, but they're still 'dateable.' Handsome is usually for guys that look either professional/good looking, a nice face (strong features)... basically they're more on the 'mature and good looking' side rather than the 'somewhat mature and kinda good looking' side. Good looking I guess is self explanatory, doesn't really fall into any of the above catagories but they simply have nicer features than the average guy. Hope that helped a little bit.

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    i exploit handsome via fact i think of it incredibly is the less-sexual and classier version of "warm" So i will now and returned in a flirty way say a guy is extremely handsome while i'm thinking he's warm, too. lovable includes character yet in addition while somebody isn't completely "warm" or "handsome". I evaluate good-attempting to be purely as severe as warm, yet extra well mannered than warm.

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    Lol, why does it matter what a person calls you?

    Beauty is being loved, yes loved for who you are. So very few obtain that, and those who do, are more attractive then what you ll ever be.

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