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Could annyone give me somme examples of math in architecture?

Im looking for ideas for a presentation we have in school. We are supposed to chose a career that uses math and show examples explaining what they do. I chosed architect, and i'm looking for math related to the field, not to hard tough.

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    You didn't say what grade you are in. Architecture is a great deal of math. As a Field Engineer in Construction, Architecture is a valuable piece. I recently worked on Boeing Expansion in Charleston South Carolina (google). An architect designed the building using calculus, geometry, statics, dynamics and algebra. After that Civil Engineers take over, but the architect is the original mastermind of the project.

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    I'm assuming this is for a middle school assignment? When working to integrate a building with the natural rise of a hill, calculating the slope would be pretty important. Also, when designing walkways for a building to make them compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, you also need to consider the slope of the walkway in order to make it wheelchair accessible. There's a certain value that it can't exceed; I seem to recall it being an 8% slope, but don't quote me on that.

    Source(s): Architecture major for two semesters.
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