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What sort of doctor would I go to or what can I do about memory problems (teen)?

I have a horrible memory! Especially when it comes to people, thoughts, and facts.

I have people come up to me often and talk to me, knowing me but I have no idea who they are O_o (mostly friends of friends) Last year, I forgot who a girl was whom I ate lunch with everyday... I couldn't even recognize her until later. It makes me feel bad when I can't remember people D: and I don't know what to do about it....

Many times, what people do to get me to remember their name (mostly people who have crushes on me) is they would ask daily if I could remember their names... Most of the times it takes about a week or longer to get it down. Another thing I have a problem with is remember my thoughts! I go out to do something but then at some point I forget what I am doing. I know other people do this but it sometimes takes me minutes (many times I never figure out what I was doing)

I really don't know what to do about it D; it drives me insane!

What can I do?

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  • I have bad memory too but only towards things i don't care about. If i like something a i truly want to remember i will. Some times something random will stay with me. Anyway if your that worried about it you need to see a neurologist. Neurologists study your nerves.

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    Yeah, weed can extremely reason everlasting reminiscence injury yet you probably did not smoke it lots so it is not that. i could say it's time to work out a doctor, there are extremely some situations that could reason this. Sleep apnea is one, I extremely have it myself and in the previous it replaced into below administration there have been days while i could not undergo in ideas what 365 days it replaced into. yet another ingredient that could have unusual effects is an unusual heartbeat, i know that still because of the fact it occurs to me, my heart skips some beats and that i won't be in a position of undergo in ideas what i replaced into saying, i will could desire to renounce contained in direction of a sentence and attempt frantically to undergo in ideas what i replaced into going on approximately.

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    gynecologist, and insist your in the right place because they try to mess with you too see if you are crazy or not

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