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I had this weird dream. Is my analysis right or is it wrong?

In the dream:

My fiance and i discovered we had a hidden basement in our apartment. We decided to go down there and check it out. We go down there and it is a rainforest with a ton of colorful frogs.

Then the basement all of a sudden turned into a classroom. My fiance and i were the only ones in the classroom and then a car pulled up into the classroom. I left him in the classroom to go into the bathroom.

I get into the bathroom and do my makeup and i lay out everything from inside my purse onto the bathroom counter. Then a guy(who i've never met before) walked into the bathroom and started flirting with me. I was really embarrassed and blushing because of all of my stuff out of my purse. But then i started flirting back with him.

My analysis:

Recently my fiance and i have been fighting a lot. I have discovered a lot of secrets about him recently. I feel like discovering the rainforest in the basement means that.

The car pulling into the classroom signifies the girl i found out my fiance has been thinking about lately. She is intruding on our relationship just like the car intruded.

I left to go to the bathroom because i feel like im being pushed out of my relationship. Then i opened my purse and set everything out on the counter meaning i am opening myself up to meeting new guys.

Is my analysis completely off?

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    9 years ago
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    to find the answers to this question look to nordic /germanic mythology and occult practices.

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    9 years ago

    Basement - your intuition, and perhaps feelings of unworthiness, and the fact that your basic needs aren't being met.

    Rainforest - your feelings that you emotions are being undermined, or "cut down"

    Frogs - potential for change, the unexpected

    Classroom - learning an important life lesson, and/or learning something about yourself

    Car - your need to put your efforts and energies elsewhere.

    Bathroom - your need to relieve yourself of burdens or feelings, or to cleanse yourself both emotionally and psychologically

    Purse - secrets, desires, thoughts, and your sense of self. The condition of the purse can also give light to the condition of your state of mind and feelings. An empty purse represents feelings of insecurity or vulnerability.

    Flirting - your need for intimacy and affection.

    Guy - your desire to be in a relationship, and your realization of what you really want in a man.

    Make-up - you're trying to put your best face forward, and be more confident. Could also represent that you are wanting to "make-up" with someone, or that you are trying to cover up or conceal something about yourself.

    Hope this helps!

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    9 years ago

    Actually, you're analysis's excellent, but as Grant's allusions to mythology and the occult should've alerted you, your dream has terrific Jungian Psychology, if not enormous downright esoteric mystical dimensions to it.

    Nor is that particularly surprising because the history of Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism, Esoteric Christianity, not to mention Ancient Greek Philosophy, (in the sense Socrates and Plato understood it: philo- 'love of', -sophy 'Sophia', the Goddess of Wisdom), etc., etc., is riddled from end to end with individuals who underwent catastrophic emotional episodes which changed the course of their lives - and them themselves - and led to them becoming mystics too.

    You needn't take any account of that, for the time being, but if you read this use it as a book mark moment in your life if you should subsequently find yourself undergoing all manner of weird experiences.

    If events should start heading in that particular direction, though, then make a point of looking up Carlos Castaneda, Don Juan Matus, and aboveall, the Assemblage Point.

    Good luck.

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