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My parents are against me doing stuff?

My parent's are so old fashioned. My parents say that everything is gay now days. Like they say waxing is for gay people when a majority of girls hate hairy guys. Waxing eyebrows are gay, but c'mon what girl wants a guy with a monobrow. And I really want a eyebrow piercing, but my parents said no even when I am 21. Parents are like you are good looking but families have to say that I mean c'mon and please don't comment on here if your going to be negative. I really want a piercing =/

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  • Brian
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    9 years ago

    I have other body waxing done, so I have no hangups about waxing but there is no need for most men to wax their eyebrows in order to look tidy and groomed. Spend a few minutes in front of the bathroom mirror every few weeks with a pair of tweezers. Pluck out the hairs on the bridge of your nose (the uni-brow) and then remove the extra long and stray hairs in the main part of your brows. Job done!

    It will be a bit painful when you first do it but then you will get used to it and the hair follicles become weakened by repeated removal so the hairs become easier to remove.

    In addition, I also get the lady who cuts my hair to take off some of the length of my eyebrows whenever I get a haircut.

    These two processes keep everything "ship-shape".

    By the way, waxing is not gay. Men of all sexualities get waxed - it's not about sexuality, it's about being groomed and looking and feeling good about your appearance. Millions of men have their back, shoulders, chest, abdomen and even legs etc etc waxed to look good for themselves and potential partners. In other words, for the same reasons as women get waxed.

    As for the piercing, I would never judge or try to talk you out of it - it's not my place to do so anyway. However, my personal opinion is that it's not a great look but maybe that's because I'm a straight married male in my 40s and don't get it. Who knows, maybe the average late teenage/early 20s girl will find you irresistible with an eyebrow piercing. It would be a very dull world if we were all the same.

  • 9 years ago

    I say just shave your unibrow and don't worry about the rest. I honestly can say that most girls would look at a guy who waxed himself and pierced himself as homosexual. But it is your opinion and I think if you want to do it than your parents should let you try it and see how it works out. They sound a little to controlling over your personality. Your parents just don't want you to get made fun of is what I think. I say they let you try it out at least. Sorry if this sounded negative, just trying to give some aedvice.

  • Marah
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    9 years ago

    You can buy wax strips yourself and do your eyebrows. That's what I do. And you won't die without the piercing. I really wanted a lip one and my mom didn't let me and now I don't want it anymore. When you move out, if you want it, go for it.

  • 9 years ago

    some parents are like that. Once you get a certain age and maybe move out! then you can do whatever you want. but being stuck with your parents isnt fun and you have to follow there rules. so......think about the future and moving out asap. things get alot fun

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  • Aden
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    9 years ago

    go for it

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