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Need help for flat butt?

I'm tall, not much curvy and my butt is quite flat. What are the best sports to make a nice round as.s (to increase the size of that muscle)?

I don't mean the leg-lifting exercises. Thank you:)

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    well a lot of leg lifting exercises can increase the size of your gluteal muscles..lots of running helps, volleyball is a good example because you work out your legs by squatting a is another good sport..good luck with increasing your bootay!!

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    9 years ago

    I'd say volleyball and horseback riding ( if you can afford it/ is available ). otherwise squat exercises in gym, with bar over shoulders etc.

    butt it will take from one to two years before you can notice an increase in mass.

    the fastest way ( expensive ) is getting injections in that area from a professional surgeon : )

    I know how you feel, a nice round butt is very attractive ; )


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