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Boys please help me on this one?


Just wondering what to do coz i know alot of gurls ask this particualr q alot but, this guy situation has been goin on for about 2 years. It started off him constantly staring (he catches my bus) and it didn't know me at all last year and by the way his a years older. Also it was goin on forever and kept doin all these weird things to attract my attention. Then I messaged him on fb coz he was scaring me and he said all these mean things and said that why would he stare at me. Later he started spreading a romor about me asking people if they were friends wiv me and if so i'm weird( thats his exuse for starring at me basically)

Anyways his still staring at me, he always sits in front of me and randomly turns around just to look. Does he hate me, does he want to kill me help

scared for my life

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    My first impression is that he likes you but he's completely going about telling you in all the wrong ways. If a guy doesn't like you or doesn't find you attractive he generally will pay no attention to you at all. Maybe next time you're in class and he turns around to look you should just ask him if he likes you or something. If he turns back around and doesn't respond or he responds defensively then most likely he does like you and doesn't know what to say.

    Good luck, hope this helps!

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