Does this girl i like like me back.....?

So there this girl in my History class she really cute and I've been sitting next to get since the begining of the year. We have a lot of laughs together and she likes the way I laugh I really like her as a friend that its becoming more of a crush. I have her for 3 periods and in my 4th period when I look back she looks up at me then gilts her head back down. I want to ask her out but don't want it to be akward or ruin our friendship I need help

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your in luck! she totally likes you! trust me i did the same thing when i liked my friend i was scared to tell him but in the end it all worked out (we`ve been dating for 6 months)

    Try telling her things like i like your hair or your eyes are pretty things like that. don`t over do it though or she might get scared. Hang out with her at lunch and do little things like helping her with hmwrk or books. Invite her for pizza or ask her if she might like to go to the movies. If she says something like "you mean like a date" and she`s smiling then she def. likes you! if she keeps looking at you like that in class or she asks your opinion on random things like her hair or a paper or something she likes you! Get up the courage and tell her you like her after a while. trust me she will not want your friendship to end if she doesn`t like you the way you like her. good luk!!!!!!

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    9 years ago

    Number one thing I want to know: Does she laugh at your jokes even if they aren't that funny? If so, she definitely likes you. Girls do not laugh or talk to guys they don't like, they find them annoying. From the sounds of it, you should ask her out. If you are nervous, suggest a group outing!

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  • 9 years ago

    The way you should lay this out is put a bad joke out there and see if she laughs at it. If she does then she likes you, and that means you should ask her out.

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  • 9 years ago

    since u two r friendly enough, that won't be a big problem even if she says "no", coz u'll still be friends.....

    the thing is confess it to her once no matter what, so that u don't regret it later,,,,,

    trust me, regretting about such a thing is the worst feeling, coz i have gone through this myself.........

    i was in the same situation as u r, n i didn't confess n i regret it now.........

    anyways, good luck with it....

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  • 9 years ago

    If you don't ask her out you'll be stuck in the friend zone forever.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    she seems really nice and if your with her a lot why not ask? if she says no you'll still be friends.

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