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New HP dv6 laptop fan problem?

I just got a new laptop HP dv6 with quad core I7 2630QM.

Everything is fine with the laptop except for the fan.

When it is all quite in the night, I can hear the noise of the fan, it is not loud, but I can hear it. Also, by just doing simple browsing, the fan is spitting out WARM air constantly. It is not hot, but there is warm air coming out.

Is this normal?



Btw I have got Radeon dedicated graphics card.

Update 2:

the thing is i am not playing games at all. just web browsing. the fan never stops running!

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    Laptops fan shouldn't run constantly there is a thermal sensor in which detect temp changes within the motherboard once it succeed the thermal sensor limit the fan will throttle up cooling the internals down until temp falls below the thermal sensor limit ,the fan cuts out ,gaming is another story the fan might run longer ,warm air coming out of the fan is normal ,to sum it up the fan is throttling up to cool the motherboard down,only if it sounds like for example lawn mower engine is when you should be concern.

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    Hey, That happens to my HP DV6-6024TX Laptop, Its normal, just put your battery on power saver while browsing while gaming bump up your battery to high performance LOL. After about a min on power saver the fan shouldn't be noisy as much.

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    Even in exhibit saver mode, the processor remains operating, which creates warmth. each so commonly, the fan is advised to come back on and cool it down by potential of the thermal sensor. This keeps the processor from overheating. once you've dirt on your cooling ducts, it receives warm even speedier, causing the fan to come back on more beneficial commonly. the same will happen in case you go away the lappy sitting on some thing delicate, like your mattress. the ducts are on the bottom, as a fashion to't get any air in the adventure that they are blocked by potential of a delicate floor. it really is why you're meant to sit a lappy on a sturdy floor. pc: - do not sit in lap... is smart in case you do not imagine about it....

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    Laptop fan wire is damage to resolve it. replace it and check again ok

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