decor tip.. organizing your coffee table, what to do and what not to do?

i love organizing my coffee table and putting my stuff on a tray on the table.. I usually put a cute ball for pretzels, the remotes, a dester rose I got from the middle east and flowers.. next to the coffee table I usually stack a pile of cute books and candles..

so anyways i got this tray and i love it except that its edsges are a little long so when you're sitting down on the couch you cant really see like have of the stuff thats in it.. it looks good if you're standing up or entering the room but if you're sitting right in front of it you will only see its edge and a few higher things that i have there.. the tray its self is really pretty its kinda like a straw basket so i like its shape but i was just wondering if thats like a style crime or sth..



wow.. sorry you guys i just noticed all the typos and mistakes..

bawl* desert* rose and HALF not have.. oh and the books are next the try ON the table, not next to the table.. edges*

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  • 9 years ago
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    We're gonna have to cuff you, missy! jk, you have committed no style crime. But if you want to see all of your accessory items while you are seated, then you will have to change out the tray to something with lower sides. If you want to still show off your straw tray maybe you can stand the tray up on a table -you might need a plate holder or little easel- and then put other things that you like in front of it, such as vases, bowls, candles, framed photos, etc. So basically, remove it from the coffee table and use it in a different way. You can also hang it on a wall, if that fits your decor.

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