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Does this seem like pregnancy?

My period is 6 days late....back pain, head aches, dizziness, throwing up, tired...all made me think i was preggo..and i feel like im about to throw up 24/7

I started spotting yesterday afternoon it was brownish/ dark red and then it got clearer

now its more bright and its only when i pee or when i wiped that i see it...only a few drops on my pad ....and nothing like my period...Today it looks like its about to looks brown again and then it changes to light redish

I took a pregnancy test about 4 days ago it was negative..

my period its always super heavy the first days that i go through more than 4 pads a day. sry tmi My period is never late..its the first time this happens?. help???

my husband and me have been trying

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    even though the test came out negative you could be pregnant still, and since it was 4 days ago maybe if you took another test it would be positive now!

    sometimes tests don't work or your HCG levels aren't high enough yet

    those symptoms sound like pregnancy symptoms :)

    if i was you i would go to the doctor ASAP, especially since you are spotting like that you need to make sure nothing is wrong

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