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Can mental disorders be biological in nature?

I have read that mental disorders are trauma based and mental illness are biological. I just want to know if this is true

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    Both a "mental disorder" and "mental illness" are the same. It's just a matter of terminology. They are used in reference to mental health. Our mental health is affected by psychological, genetic, biological, environmental,, or behavioral. So, mental disorders or illness can be biological or trauma based.

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    Although this might be somewhat true most people can be helped and live relatively normal lives. People with any kind of mental illness or disorder should get into a good mental health program and follow the prescribed treatment. Don't let the claim of inherited, or perceived or actual trauma prevent you or a loved one from seeking treatment.

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    The disease model of mental health has been promoted by the pharmaceutical industry for obvious reasons and has little to do with mental health.

    No drug can make you rational.

    Now it is possible that a person can alter their brain chemistry with drugs and make it more difficult to reason at all; that is biological. But in general the model is meant to promote sales of psychoactive drugs, to get people to become dependent on the drugs.

    The question you are asking requires more background in abnormal psychology, for which see a college text on same. Keep in mind that various authors have differing biases.

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    It's true

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