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Shame On You "Americans"?

Can anyone Inform me the reason that Leonard Peltier is still in prison? Or why he hasn't received a fair hearing or even a parole review in light of the staggering amount of evidence and documentation available (not to mention the 6000 docs that YOUR government are refusing to/afraid to release)I'm at a loss, in a country that claims to be "The Land Of The Free" sure seems to me that this freedom doesn't apply if you happen to be an indigenous person of that land, A Real American/. Also why have Trimbachs such has Ed Woods and his right wing cohorts went out of their way to keep this true spirit of America incarcerated? The Brits did this sort of thing in Ireland (Interment) to people they feared and worse(Bobby Sands and other IRA/INLA prisoners) is it for the same reason?Does anyone out there feel that the genocide of the true American people was justified in any way/ and would any of you lie down to what they (Native Americans) experienced at the hands of railroading looting greedy murdering imperialist raciest right wingers? In Leonard Peltier's case I think that it is commendable that HE has the will to fight against the Imperialist who stole his land and his freedom.EVERYONE who conciders theirself to be an American should actively support AIM or hang thier heads in shame. Leonard Peltierand his cause as well as AIM have the support of the Left in the UK and real humanbeings world wide. plz let Pixie know your thoughts....All comments appreciated plz take into account that Leonard Peltier. has never recieved a fair trial, evidence has been fabricated,withheld and witnesses brutaly tortured by FBI agents in order to extract false statements Finally, even if he were guilty and NOT A Native American does anyone feel as I do ..that he would have been released on parole LONG AGO or even on an act of clemency taking into account ALL the facts surrounding the incident including the socila/political factors.

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    You think this is the only Shameful thing USA has Done as we speak they are Committing Genocide Slaughtering Thousands of Blacks inside Libya no News coverage about the Obama Libyan War here eh?

    Land of the Free and the home of the Brave is a Joke! Are you not following the News inside USA Freedom has been lost to Ghosts a Terror Group who we now read are Fighting for USA CIA for what "Blood Money" and the Promise they will be handed over Libya on a Plate!

    80 Billion Stolen from Qaddafi is being Carved up between CIA and Al Qaeda? CIA Criminals in Action the Drug Dealers of the World and no Justice seen to be done?

    Bit of Gun Running into Mexico and Columbia Bail outs to Banksters this is how they are running USA?

    Now Al Qaeda are USA Friendly you Train and Arm these psychos? Then in a second breath Hype that Al Qaeda are planning a Terror attack inside USA well folks that can only happen if CIA allow it too?

    No Terror Fabricate it? its good for Business as Usual inside CIA?

    USA has gone down the Toilet Folks and time you awake to what your first Black President is doing to his own Brethren inside Libya hope you all sleep well at nights this Obama Puppet is outta Control time you had the whole lot arrested they are running a Ponzi scheme and you are the patsies?

    Lets all pray Ron Paul Gets the Chance to sweep these Tyrants out of Office Close down the CIA and the FED Kick them all into touch?

    And get USA back on the Road to recovery?

    Source(s): Dr Webster Tarpley Alex Jones Jesse Ventura but a few who know the Facts try Gerald Celente
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    roll on the quakes!

    the big one in california will create the first hippy state.

    the end of cannabis prohibition is the RAPTURE

    we are reincarnating spirits returning to reclaim our land.

    join occupywallst

    join 911 TRUTH

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    Already been answered. 2 points.

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    Nothing good comes from shooting at FBI agents.

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    someone has to pay

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