I want to write a book can you help me with topic ideas?

I've always been pretty good at writing and I've written like some really good beginnings to stories but I never finish them sometimes I just put them down and don't pick it back up, or I just run out of ideas. I have a couple things I could write about but what kind of things do you like to read? How about topics for young adults and teens so like something with a storyline of a troubled kid or something. Oh yeah I'm only 17 so yeah. Well anything helps! Thanks!!:)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Write a book about a kid who never finishes anything. Wait, a troubled kid who never finished high school and write about how it affected his/her life. How their future was affected by their past choices. They can be someone who made it or a bum, so many ideas you can run with. If you write about this, I want a copy, lol, but no for real I would like to see how it turned out..GOOD LUCK

  • cosano
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    4 years ago

    So, do not write a guide. Go smaller. Write a tale. Write an outline of a man or woman. Write an outline of a apartment, a lawn, a automobile, a tree, or a cat. Write a vignette. Write directions on how you can use voicemail on a mobilephone cell or how to buy a brand new sweater. Write a letter on your buddy telling approximately the day you had the day gone by. Write a letter to an business enterprise telling her to take her task and shove it. The extra you write, the greater a author you'll be able to be, however you do not need to cross guide-duration to begin. Imagine that you simply located a $500.00 invoice at the sidewalk. Think up the tale of the man or woman who had the invoice - how she bought the cash, why it used to be a $500 invoice and no longer (for example) 25 $20 charges, how she controlled to lose it, and what ideas will probably be going by way of her head as soon as she realizes it's long past. What penalties will she face - what is going to occur subsequent? Think all of it by way of, then write it down. g'good fortune!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sounds more like you want to have written a book.

    Wait until you actually want to write one. Then write it.

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