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13 and need help with my period?

ok so i am suchhhh a hypochondriac but im sooooooo scared! i want to cry. I am not bleeding at night even if i am not sleeping and im scared i have a tampon stuck. my best friends neighbor died of tss and im freaking out. i think i might have a tampon stuck inside but im not sure. it smelled like formaldehyde but i took a shower and nothing smells anymore i dont see a string and nothing hurts. i stuck my index finger in (worst experience of my life) and i just felt flesh. what if i dont get it out and i die. I am so scared all i want is just to get this over with i dont care if a doctor has to stick tweezers down my vagina just tell me what to do please! im begging anyone out there!


thanks lauren but its just my parents are the kind of parents that say suck it up rub some dirt on it. i love them and they love me but i dont think they want to take me to a doctor if they think its nothing

Update 2:

well i mean i want to go to the doctor like i said before but my parents are going to say its fineee.

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    hun first of all calm down you need too second of all you should really talk to a parent/gaurdin too take you too the docters no need in taking risk you need too seek help cause you may not know if its a tampon or something else

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    if your parents wont let u go to the dr tell an aunt or grandparents (even a teacher if u realy have to) but tell someone and if all else fails and u realy think theres something in there than get a tweexers a long Popsicle stick a towel and a hand mirror lay on the towel use the Popsicle stick st see is u can feel anything if u can u the tweezers to pull it out (hand mirror to see wat ur doing) it would be weird and uncomfortable but if it wud make u feel batter than fine


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    tell your mum and then askher to take ou to the doctor.

    and also, don't wear tampons again if you are uncomfortable with it...use pads...

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    tell your parents and go to a doctor...

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