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Helpful tips on how to help toddlers sleep?

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    If your toddler takes naps, don't let him/her sleep too late in the evening. They have "sleepy time" bath for baby's. I used to use that for my son when he was smaller and it relaxed him and he would fall asleep pretty quick.

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    Routine is the key. Having your toddler know its bedtime will help with the "I don't want too!" or not being able to fall asleep easily. A warm bath followed by a book (preferably one they choose), turn on some music, keep the lights low, the room cool (white noise from a fan is a must for my child), tuck them in, say good night and leave.

    Nap time! Ugh! This one is tricky as everyday differs from the next with my son. When he is super active (playing at the park for instance) he falls asleep pretty easily and sleeps for at least an hour (I prefer two). If he is not as active, he will not sleep. If that is the case, he goes to bed earlier. But I still do the music, fan, tuck in and leave.

    If my son is wound up, I do allow him to watch a show to get him still before nap (not bed). Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. I've come to realize that nap time is hit or miss and not to get upset because it only makes it worse. I just know he will be in bed earlier!!!!

    Source(s): son is almost three!
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    Try to reward them with something. or make them get attached to a teddy bear or something. I work with toddlers and thats some ways that i've used to help them sleep.

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