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Lens lab/optometrist for vintage frames in San Francisco?

I have a pair of vintage Christian Dior frames that I want to get new lenses in so I can wear them. Apparently not all lens labs (including my own) will deal with vintage frames because they're at higher risk of being damage. Where can I find an optometrist/lens lab that'll make me new lenses for these frames?

Btw, I have VSP insurance, so I'd compatibility with that.

Any help is really appreciated!!

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    Problem is no one wants to be responsible for your frame if it breaks and it will be " at your own risk" and you may have to sign a waiver of liability. Some would just rather sell you a new frame.

    You should have a frame allowance with your VSP, so is there a retro type frame that is new you can select? Usually with VSP, the optical sends the frame out and the VSP lab does all the work.

    I use a remote tracing system though, so I can actually trace a frame and send the shape and size I want to the VSP lab. When the lenses come in, I can do all the finish work myself to ensure the lenses fit right and the frame doesn't break, plus I love a challenge! My VSP lab and my regular lab are one in the same, so I am fortunate to be able to do that. Not all places may, so you might have to get a list of VSP providers in your area and make some calls to see if they would work with your frame.

    Any frame can be used (within reason) if the optician is skillful enough and uses common sense and care with the frame. It is just finding the person to do it, as nowadays selling you a new frame is the easier way to go.

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