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Can I take 3 25mg doxylamine succinate?

So it would be 75mg all together im also 16 but I need to be up in a couple hours and I'm wide awake right now I've taken 25mg before and it didn't even make me tired so can I take 75mg and be ok?

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    the max does should be 50 Mg. 75 mg wouldn't hurt you but it wouldn't help either...Doxylamine succinate is'nt the kind of drug that gets stronger as you go up with dosage, it's an antihystamine and once you get up to the max it just doesn't do anything more for's kinda like filling up a cup and trying to put more just hovers and fills up your bladder and then you end up peein it just take the max dose and don't go over me, it's overkill and a waste of doxylamine.

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    Doxylamine Succinate Dosage

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