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My fiancé who has 2 kids from a previous relationship ( never married) has been sent to jail for 44 days?

He lives with his boys so I really do not know why he has to pay child support to she sees the kids everyday of the week even wen my fiancé has custody. He made sacrifices but she refuses to cooperate.and who is left in the dark?? Me!

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    If the boys live with him he should have sole custody and not be paying child support. Sounds like the court system has them living with mom and sounds like mommy took advantage of the sitation. Maybe she's upset because he's engaged? I mean, this truly sounds like she took out some sort of revenge on him.

    No way to "answer" you, just saying he should have covered his a$$

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    Well, first off, if there was a change in custody arrangements, which it would appear that there was, he would need to file for child support modification. Here is a law article on that process: You can roughly figure what he owes based on income and some other things. Here is another article that talks about calculating child support: It will be altered according to what the custody agreement is/how much time each parent is spending watching the child.

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    There is something your so called bf is NOT telling you. He is probably ordered to pay child support because she has custody but lets him see the kids every day . . .I think you bf is keeping secrets from you and now he's in jail . . .hmmmm sure you don't want to find better?

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