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considering surgery help?

im 16 and i want a breast reduction im at 36 dd im not petite nor real thick i know i should be grateful for what i have but they really bother the heck out of me i cant go jogging without them hurting while i run and i feel like guys only go after me for these or just stare at them.what i hate the most is i cant wear clothes that fit without making me look fat or show to much cleavage

im already known as the asian girl with big boobs in my entire school and my friends sometimes present me as she has hella big breast

the question is im unsure about going under the knife im not saying i am tomorrow but just some day in a few years or so.

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    Excuse me being a guy, but although it may be hard to believe right now, this gets easier! At the moment your breasts are new to you and unlike your peers, and you have the added complication of many teenage boys being immature and insensitive, and girls being insecure and bitchy. In just a few years you will be more used to your size, you will learn to dress to flatter your figure, and you may well enjoy having what many people will think of as the perfect shape. Your friends will be all sorts of shapes and sizes so you won't feel unusual, and people are generally much more considerate of each-other's feelings once you get into the 'adult world'.

    Some things won't change - running with large breasts is uncomfortable, but you don't need to worry about that - there is zero risk you will 'damage' your chest in some way, and in fact running is a good way to keep in good shape, and to avoid sagging - the movement of the breasts helps to work and so strengthen the supporting ligaments.

    I really encourage you to try not to focus on the downsides, and I am sure in a few years time you will find you get along with your figure much better. Surgery is an absolute last resort - it's serious surgery with real risks and side effects, and the result is not perfect perky C cups. I very much hope you never need to go down that road - I think you'll be just fine. Best of luck! :)

    Source(s): A 34F ex, and a friend reduced from 36J.
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    I highly recommend you not to get surgery

    when you are older, you will be glad you didn't,

    because many other girls will have similar sized breasts,

    and don't compare yourself to your friends, you are actually lucky.

    Many people's breasts keep growing into early adulthood (age 21 ish)

    especially late developers, so they will eventually catch up,

    and if you reduce your breast size now,

    you wont be able to undo it.

    Perhaps, buy girly styles from women's shops, which may better fit your figure.

    And also, wear a sports bra when running to optimise support, pain comes when gravity

    and momentum stretches the breasts and cause micro-tears in the tissue.

    don't worry about guys, they're not even worth your time. In the future

    you may find someone who appreciates your looks and personality.

    I'd say definitely give it some time and more thought , you should love

    your body and the way you are, because everyone is unique and special

    don't get too caught up in the size of your breasts :)

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    Well it sound to me like you need to learn how to dress for you shape. At your age more clothes make for Juniors is boxy since most teens don't have much shape. You might also want to measure yourself to make sure of your bra size as your still growing it can change at any time.

    When it comes to running wear a full cup bra with a sports bra on top and it will give you the support you need and less movement

    Try watiching this show to get better idea of how to dress for your shape.

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