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could it be a big fat positive? any advice?

Hi everyone my af was due from wednesday till today and still no sign i have been feeling kinda rubbish, constant headaches sore bb loads of discharge sorry. i took a test a week ago darly i know but that came out negitive i took few days later and left it 4hrs later there was a faint positive so i put that down to evap line i tested yesterday but not with first morning urine and it came back negitive with the same brand this morning i took it with first mornkng urine and just 5mins before the 10min mark was up i can see a very faint line and its defo there any advice should i take another test i am not on any hormonal stuff etc

with my last pregnancy i got a dark positive 3 days before af was due is it ok for it to be different this time

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    9 years ago
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    hcg doubles every 48 hours, test in a couple of days and see if the line comes up faster and darker.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You should get the PREGNANT/NOT PREGNANT test

    they are way easier


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