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Do you already have your baby names picked out?

Do you already have your baby names picked out - even if you're not pregnant or are too young to even consider children? I have. ^_^

If so, what have you chosen?

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  • xoxo
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    9 years ago
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    Haha yes is that so dorky? Soooo

    Vincent James (this one is pretty set)

    Violet Isabel (is after my fiance's grandma)

    And then I just really love these too:

    Heidi Annabelle

    Sienna Charlotte

    Brandon Charles

    Jason Matthew/Michael I don't know...

    I think I just want two kids though :P

  • 9 years ago

    Yes! I've had a list of names picked out since I was like 12 (now I'm 18). When I was really little I even used to play schools so I could make names for rolls :P At the moment I have giant lists for each gender, although the girls one is longer. And my top names for each are Phoebe Elizabeth (or Phoebe Elizabeth Tara) and Jackson Cole (or Jackson Cole Edward). Here are the names I like that I've chosen middle names for:


    Phoebe Elizabeth / Phoebe Elizabeth Tara

    Alyssa Kate / Alyssa Jade Catherine

    Brigitte Tara

    Cordelia Faith (Cordie)

    River Charlotte

    Summer Lee

    Heidi Matilda

    Piper Mackenzie / Piper Madeleine

    Isabelle Jade (Izzy)

    Evangeline Darla (Evie)

    Anya Grace

    Alexis Paige (Lexi)

    Liliana Rose (Lily)


    Jackson Cole / Jackson Cole Edward

    Lucas James / Lucas James Andrew

    Drew Tyler / Andrew Tyler (Drew)

    Dorian Edward

    Dexter Miles

    Jasper Cory

    Jensen Dean (JD)

    Jacob Matthew (Jake)

    Matthew Jacob (Matt)

  • I love these questions :)

    Anyways, I am only 18 and not ready for a child yet. I would like to have my first baby when I am 28. I want to go to university, move countries, have my own house/apartement, some money saved up and be married before I have a child. I have been interested in baby names ever since I was young and I always knew that I wanted to have children one day and I would start planning my perfect dream family bored in class, alongside with my future children names.

    I already have my future children names picked out, but the problem the top 1 baby name is always changing rankings. For boys, my favourite name hasn't changed yet, my favourite name is Charlie James and I think is totally cute for a boy, but sometimes I think I like Christopher 'Chris' best. For girls, it changes all the time. For now, if I had a child right now, I would name her Lyra Skye, but 2 weeks ago I would have named her Daisy Mae, 4 weeks ago she would have been called Daisy Marie and 4 months ago she would have been called Lily Rose.

    I'm always changing my favourite baby girl's name number #1 ranking, but Lily and Daisy have always been my favourite names and I don't know how long I will love the name Lyra for. In the future, I'd like to have 2 daughters so I can name them Lily and Daisy. I love flower names as you can see, I think they're sweet, but I also love classy and elegant names.

    Of course, 10 years time is a long time away and by then everything would have changed. I might not even like the names Lily and Daisy anymore and if I move countries, like to France, they have completely different names and styles, so everything would have changed. I of course have to take my husband in account, because he counts too, because this would be his baby, so he'd have a say in it.

    My friend recently had a daughter and all along throughout her pregnancy she was going to name her Amelia Rose, however when she was born and saw her for the first time she named her Olivia Rose. She told her your favourite name changes a lot, but once you see your baby for the first time, sometimes you change minds as you see that the name you thought was perfect all along, wasn't good enough and didn't suit your son or daughter.

  • Yep.

    Ryan James

    Savanna Marie-Summer

    Brandon Draco

    Sahara Brooklyn

    Christian Jacob

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  • tay
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    9 years ago

    Yes :)

    Vivian Sophia, Clara Renee, Julia Cathleen

    Logan Cale, Elliot James, Dean Michael

    We want three kids.

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  • 9 years ago

    There are a few particular names that I like and would name my children, but that could change before I have kids and also it depends on what names the father likes as well.

    For boys I like the names Connor, Bradie, Beau and Will (not william, just will)

    For Girls there's more, I tend to like names that begin with 'A' such as Amber, Aubree, Alex, Alice, Amelia. I also like the names Ebony, Hailey and Leia (lay-ah).

  • 9 years ago

    Im trying to get pregnant. I ve kind of picked out the names

    boy name I like

    William Gabriel

    or William Patrick

    Girl names is harder to pick from

    Evelyn Jeanette

    Amelia Jeanette

    Cassidy Jeanette

    or Clarissa Jeanette

    I figure it you pick out names while trying to conceive it keeps the stress down from worry about if this my month did it work.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes :) im pregnant with a girl and my husband and I are naming her Dakotah Renea :) if we had a boy we were going to name him either Conner or Colton (hadn't picked a middle name yet)

    Source(s): 34 weeks pregnant with a baby girl :)
  • ?
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    9 years ago


    If I have a girl: Keeley Róisín or Cecilia Noémie...

    If I have a boy: Liam Patrick or Beau Aubrey...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I did have.

    Fortunately, by the time I actually had children, I'd grown up.

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