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Why is my dad acting like this?

Ok now I don't wanna sound like a little baby. But I'm sick of it, I'm trying to not get mad at him when he yells at me for dumb stuff. But please someone help me. Alright so I'm 17. We just moved in with him. He didn't start out like this. But then just recently he started freaking out and yelling, but it seems like only at me. I do almost everything that I'm supposed to. Like chores homework and all that. Like just today, he was getting mad at me for making chicken at 9pm. Like really? He also got mad that I was doing my homework in front of the tv. Alright that's my bad, but I was doing it all day and wanted to have some break. Then he yelled at me for parking to close to his side on the driveway. Like all he has to do is ask. Right? I do everything, he told me to get a job, and im getting one very soon. I told him about it. And all he said was "oh nice." I tried to talk to him, he would literally give me one word answers. But yet he would have a full on conversation with my brother. And just FYI about my brother, he's a year younger. Has the worst grades, stays home and plays video games all the time, talks back, lazy like none other. And yet he treats him like this. Again I don't want to sound like a baby. I'm not saying I get the best grades, but I go out and do stuff, with friends, I don't talk back as much, and do what I'm supposed to though...someone, if they have any idea. Whats wrong or what I should do. Again I have no idea what I did...

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    I don't know. But maybe you should get things straight with him. Ask him directly why he is like that to you. In novels and dramas, parents treat their children like that if they are not they real children. Though, I am not pointing out that maybe you are not his child, biologically, I am pointing out that maybe he's got issues with himself about you. I don't know much. But that's how I see in novels, movies or dramas. But still, you should act nice to your father, maybe he'll treat to nicer somehow. Don't give up there bro!

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    To me, it sounds like He's still getting used to having other people in his home.

    It takes time for someone to adjust to having people around in your home after you've been living alone for a while.

    It's easier for males to relate to each other then, males with females. If it were the other way around ( say you moved in with your aunt instead) She would be talking it up with you, asking how your day was etc., etc. and your brother would be "the outcast".

    If he's still "freaking out and yelling" by Christmas then you may need to seek help from outside. Give him a little more time and if he still can't get used to it, in a couple of months.... then call for the cavalry.

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