Job choice for future? Police Officer or Video Game Developer?

I'm 14 currently and turning 15 in a month. I'm trying to decide a future Job for myself, I'm intersted in Law Enforcement and Video Games. I just don't know what to choose, But I'm more intersted into being a cop because of something not always the same everyday but for Game Developer I like sharing my ideas and such but I don't understand the languages and programming things. Cops make decent money, I live in PA USA, What should I choose as my future job?


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  • 9 years ago
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    Become a mall security guard at night so you can wake up, play video games then go to work at night!

  • J.W.
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    9 years ago

    That is a choice only you can make. If you are at all good with computers or if you are interested and capable of learning programming and such, get a degree in computer science or information systems. You can't go wrong with a computer related degree. Computer related degrees are actually great for police officers. Officers with computer skills are very valuable to police departments. It is possible that you could become a police officer and attempt to develop video games as a side job. If you do want to become a police officer, start doing what you can now to make yourself the best candidate that you can. Get the best grades in school. Don't do anything illegal. Maintain a good reputation. Improve all of your communication skills as much as possible. Become as physically fit as you can. Join a police explorer program if there is one in your area. Best of luck!

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