Does an autistic child have to stay in the home until age 21?

My little cousin is 17 almost 18. She has autism but is very very intelligent and talented. My aunt took her out of Foster care and then adopted her later on. She constantly calls me crying saying how miserable she is and how bad my aunt treats her and how she just uses her for her Foster care money and that she doesn't do anything for her but constantly buys herself expensive cars and clothes with the money she gets from the state. She has a 4.0 and straight A's and 3 scholarships. My aunt refuses to let her go to college because she said legally she has to stay with her untill she turns 21 because of her condition . Is that true? Or is she just trying to keep her because of the money because although she's adopted she still gets fund for her. She'll be 18 in 3 months,but if she has to stay until she's 21 can it be changed? She's perfectly capable of living on her own. If so how can it be done?

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    No. Once your cousin turns 18, she is legally an adult and can choose to move out and go to college. Autistic adults aren't required to live at home for longer. Your aunt is either seriously misinformed or just making this stuff up.

    Source(s): I'm on the autism spectrum. I moved out at 18.
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