What she means?! Need help please.?

My GF never bothers to attend/return my call or sms often if i call some 10 times she answers 1 or 2. Even when i fall sick if I sms about it she doesn't even send me a Take care msg. This is happening pretty some time at about 2-3 months onwards earlier she used to call often and answer my calls n sms blah blah.

Just 2 days back I called her and she didn't answer my call so I sent a msg that "I guess you may be busy at your work so you wont attend my call or return my calls, so I decided not to call you. U take care, Gn" (anyways she used to say the same thing in past as well when she doesn't attend my call) for this she got me wrong and said the msg I sent was sarcastic, I really didn't see any sarcasm was it rally?

When I SMS her yesterday she said last night she didn't want to fight with me bcoz she was not in her sense and also said that she was not in a frame of mind! what does it mean that she was out of sense? and not in frame of mind?

Please help me was it sarcastic? also share your opinion and what I should do go and talk to her slowly or just wait for her to come back but I didn't like to wait for her to come bcoz I love her so much and don't like to miss contact with her.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Distance yourself from her, I know you'd like to talk to her but you don't really want to be the only one making an effort in the relationship.

    Let her come to you when she's ready to talk.

    Hope that helps

  • cosano
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    4 years ago

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