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Saudi Arabia traveling!! Please answer!!!!?

I have a friend who lives in Saudi arabia and if I visit him what are the dangers? I've heard there are alot of car accidents in Saudi Arabia. Would I have to wear the head covering that women wear? I've heard that most dining places have a family section and a single section. I'm NOT his girlfriend but I'm a friend who's a girl. Where would we sit?

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    sorry, SaudiArabia does not issue tourist visa currently... its a closed country..

    AND single females cannot come to Saudi to visit male friends..

    SaudiArabia follows strict Islam and doesnt allow open friendship relationships between men and women.. its forbidden.. To be able to visit Saudi you have to :

    1. get a job here and your employer will sponsor your employement visa to get here

    2. come as a muslim to do your religious rites in Mecca town (but not allowed to leave the town)

    3.. come as a special diplomat

    4. have a relative already here and they invite you to come visit and sponsor you..

    friends cannot just sponsor friends to come here.. so unless you marry the guy, sorry you cannot come visit..

    you can however come to the country of Bahrain and he can come visit you there.. its just 30min outside of the town of Khobar in the eastern section of SaudiArabia.

    in Bahrain you can sit anywhere and wear normal convervative western clothing..

    in SaudiArabia.. women have to dress concervatively.. .. you as a woman will wear the black cloak called "abaya"over our clothing while out and about.. you also will need to have a scarf on your hair..

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    Unless you are coming on a business visa or you are a Muslim on a pilgrimage (the Haj), you won't be allowed to enter the country. For a single female the best options are Bahrain (closest) or Dubai. Dubai has much more to see and do. Outer garments and head coverings are not required for western female visitors, although it is always a good idea to dress conservatively. Good luck and safe travels.

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    saudi arabia dosen't issue tourist visas or visiting visas to friends

    ask your friend to come to beirut [lebanon ]--so that you can meet him there

    good luck

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    You can't go to Saudi. And it is always best for him to travel to u. .

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    yes and there is so many many of flying camels gonna eat u.

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