Does proactive really work?

I know on the commercials people say "Wow! It made my skin so clear, blah blah blah"

But I want to hear from real people, does it actually work? And how long does it take to work?

it's good for men as well?! and dose it really Clean the whole face?!

Thanks :)


dose it remove the sideeffects of acne and scars?! u know! when u scratch the acne :S

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  • 9 years ago
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    Proactive didn't work for me, it caused me to have little red bumps on my nose and cheeks. The two things that could go wrong when using it is, break outs, extremely dry skin. If it works for you then the only problem would be that you must be consistent when using it, if you aren't your acne comes back really, really fast.

    I wrote a review about proactive, called "is proactive overrated" It shows a negative and positive review from both me and my sister. I believe it's not worth it, but my sister loves it.

    Proactive does not remove acne scars. Although the first step is an exfoliant this product does not remove scars. They state this on their main website.

    Will Proactiv® help with acne scars?

    No, unfortunately Proactiv Solution will not help with existing scars. Our best recommendation for treating existing acne scars is to see your dermatologist. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, your dermatologist can offer safe and effective options for your acne scars.

  • cosano
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    4 years ago

    I have it and presently use it. It works very good and I reccomend it for you. It does now not dry out epidermis considering it has a lotion with it. You can watch on television for some of the trial matters wherein if you happen to dont love it you'll be able to ship it again. They require you to check in and there's a rate. (being pimples loose is NOT low-priced.) But, you don't ought to recieve it each and every month. You can cancel after the primary cargo of proactive has arrived.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, it works really well. I started in august with moderate acne and it's completely gone now :). At first it didn't feel like it was working but you can't give up on it, so I kept using it and now my face is all cleared up. So I would defiantly recommend using it.

  • Iris
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    9 years ago

    I never use that but Sebamed works really well, just start using now and my cousin which has lot of pimples finally get rid of them already. :)

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