What do you think of this analysis of God and Satan?

I'm starting to believe that God is just Man's interpretation for the inexplicable force of nature permeating the universe. It'd run by his own whims and has no real attachments to any ideals and is the sum total of everything that exists. No one accepts that so they create religion and ideology and then turn God into a He and create a dualistic universe (which doesn't actually exist) for him, complete with an opposite and an enemy. Speak of the devil (pun not intended), I'm thinking now that Satan was created as an opposite, making him pretty much artificial. Just as order and chaos and good and evil can only exist in dualistic philosophy, God and Satan can only exist as opposites in such dualistic religions as Christianity, Islam, and others. So God wasn't meant to be something that was idealised and categorized as anything, as dualistic religion has done.

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  • Su
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    9 years ago
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    Dichotomies, however elegant and simplistic in the first instance, do not weather criticism very well. The traditional binary oppositions such as Black and White, Self and Other, Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, God and Satan, Mind and Body, Culture and Nature, Reality and Appearance, Nature and Nature etc start to warp in the light of investigation.

    Once upon a time, our myths spoke to us of an idyllic base such as the Garden of Eden, where we existed in some idea of primal unity. However, time passes and we really look more like hybrids than any singular form. Perhaps we should examine our hybrid nature and explore ourselves as a series of fractured identities seeking integration.

  • 9 years ago

    Originally, God was the Judge, Satan the Prosecutor, and Jesus the Defending Attourney. Humanity is the plaintiff.

    The word "satan" means accuser.

    Not every, or even most, religions make their god(s) male, or participate in dualism. This is a function of Victrarchy, making the winners' deities 'good' and the losers' dieties 'evil'. Not every view of order and chaos is dualist, some see that these are varying depths of 'layers' that are functions of the perceiver's perspective.

  • 9 years ago

    In an earlier part of history, we lived on this planet in a matriarchal society. Then there was a shift and the patriarchy emerged. When we made that shift we moved away from expressing our emotions. We labeled it "weak" to do so. It was during this period that males also invented the devil, and the masculine God.

    Satan was essentially a male invention. Ultimately all of society went along with it, but the turning away from emotions, and invention of an "Evil One" was all part of a male rebellion against the matriarchy, a period during which women ruled over everything from their emotions. They held all governmental posts, all religious positions of power, all places of influence in commerce, science, academia, and healing.

  • maza
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    4 years ago

    i do no longer somewhat know in case you want an answer, yet right this is mine: they are ignorant. no longer stupid, yet ignorant. in the event that they elect to ignore approximately God, devil, and the rest they desire, we are no longer those to alter them. it somewhat is as much as God to coach them the way, so pray for them and for God to save them. And it somewhat isn't any longer so straight forward as elect God or elect devil. we are blessed with understanding there's a God. There are others, in the lifeless of night corners of the worldwide, who can't be so confident. and can you blame them? they have been by using extra advantageous than anybody guy might desire to might desire to take. are you able to somewhat blame them for no longer taking that step? ultimately they are going to discover God, yet until then, we are able to in straight forward terms pray. No satanist is going to look in this internet site and say, "oh boy now i've got confidence in God!" Get genuine. in basic terms pray for them and desire they discover the way.

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  • 9 years ago

    this is how they explain for the good thing: GOD DID IT!!!

    this is how they explain for the bad things: SATAN DID IT!!!

    that's all they have to say!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Satan is not an opposite to God. God created Satan and ultimately, Satan is one of God's servants. His job is to offer us temptations and see who will take them and worship him and who will reject them and worship Allah. Many people think this is as simple as saying they worship Allah, but if they do not follow his laws, they are liars to him and they are really worshiping the Devil for they are following his false doctrines instead of God's true doctrines. We cannot be tested here to see who is worthy to enter heaven because they follow God's laws if not for Satan here to tempt us to do otherwise.

  • varc
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    9 years ago

    not really, how can one explain the miralces of quran then?

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  • sig
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    9 years ago

    pretty good high level analysis.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I hate you dichotomy!!

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