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How many of you work off part/all of your board?

As we all know, board is expensive! How many of you on here work off part/all of it? What kind of chores are you doing and how much of it per month?

I am volunteering so when I get into purchasing I can have a lower board. I do everything... feed, muck, groom, help out with groups, etc. Because it is volunteer, it is as I please, but once I do get one it will be more consistent work.

Can't wait to see how many of y'all are out there! :-)

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    I do!

    When I bought my horse from the breeder, I was working there at the time. So she offered me free board while I worked there, as long as I cleaned his paddock daily and was available around the clock.

    Well, that obviously worked well- but I wasn't finding enough time to clean his paddock daily, which meant that someone else had to do it for me.

    Which costs the stud owner money.

    So, she agreed to let me work it off. I do my paid hours, and then I spend time doing odd jobs around the place. I move horses around, I groom horses, I am in charge of farrier visits and worming, as well as any medications that the horses might need.

    However, recently, she has offered to let me have free board WITHOUT having to work off the paddock-cleaning expenses, because I've become so valuable as a employee.

    Pretty good promotion, if you ask me!

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    I don't yet but pretty soon here I should start working to work off part of my board. I won't be there every day but my chores will include putting horses in their paddocks, bringing them back into the barn, mucking out stalls, feeding, that kind of thing.

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    I work three times a week and help out at shows with my instructor by tacking, grooming and warming up horses before their classes. At the stable i work horses, muck, groom, feed, mow, set up jump courses etc. This is all in exchange for three lessons a week on my horses and lifts to shows rather than board though.

    Good luck

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    This big boarding facility had just opened and they needed people to clean stalls for the boarders, in return you got free board. Four times a week I had to clean 16 stalls. After 2 months I decided it wasn't worth it, I didn't have the time to ride, work, school, and clean stalls. It was great it theory tho.

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