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Why do I constantly bully people I live with driving them nuts?

I can't help it. I just completely change and start bullying the other person. Even make them feel incompetent and lose their self-esteem. I wish I knew how to change. I start up pick fights and lie to them all the time, so they stay out of my business. I put them down and yell at them when they don't do something right. I find that I am very territorial of my stuff and when they use it, I tell them off and hide my things so they cannot find it. Also, I put them down on their bad fashion saying they look like trash -my room mate dresses like a hooker-.

Why am I like this?


I have ocd and find that I get quite stressed out and angry when it doesn't go a certain way or is a certain way. I find that I'm highly possessive of my things too.

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    If you know you do it and continue to do it, it's not that you CAN'T stop, it's that you WON'T stop ... can't is an inability; won't is a willful choice. If you're aware you're doing it, then it's a willful choice you're making. You do it because it gets you attention and it makes you feel powerful that you can force a specific reaction from people. Blaming it on OCD is an excuse you use to rationalize your behavior.

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    You are a Type A person who wants to be in charge but is not qualified to be so. Hence you knock everyone else down to a lower level.

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    You probably feel better about yourself when you put other people down. My mom is like that... >< For people like this, they feel better about themselves, but end up looking bad to other people. Just be careful if this is your situation. You loose friends this way. Like my mom.

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