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People are inherently evil but act nice because society forces us to?

In the real world your action has consequences. People are taught to hide their true feelings and intentions because society punishes those who are deemed unfit. Take the internet for example: it has no moderators or enforcers of this idea hence people act the way they want to. I would say that most people on the internet are rude and quiet frankly evil at times. These same people who smile at you and greet you kindly to your face in public.

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    I wouldn't say they are evil, but yes, when anonymity removes all fear, it is amazing what otherwise nice people will do or say.

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    I think there are probably more good people than bad; the problem is that most people are weak. Bad people very often gain power because "good" people do nothing to stop them or are too weak to speak up. The majority of people don't like standing out from the crowd and will ostracize, ridicule, or even persecute those who do - (don't I know this being a vegan!) -, and that is the problem. Until we as a society reach a point where more people are strong enough to act on their convictions, we will always fall prey to the Hitlers and Pol Pots of this world.

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    Interesting question.

    I am basing this response on my own experiences not yours.

    Online people refer me in general as a "moron conservative"...

    In person three times a week I wear a shirt that..

    on the front says " Democrats are stupid"

    on the back says " ASK ME WHY.. COWARDS"

    I have worn this shirt in public at multiple locations..(about 100 times)

    And have been confronted twice;

    These two people; both women both were ashamed and embarssed they

    asked me this question.. (Only a conservative would understand why)

    Long story short.. internet provides people to hide behind logic.. and

    liberals take great advantage of this.

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    If we take an honest serious look at all human beings, we will see that regardless of how giving and nice people appear on the outside, their inside is always filled with self-serving calculations. This type of egoistic nature is rapidly becoming revealed through the defective, corrupted connections between all systems of interaction between human beings. This corrupted connection is causing the global economic, political, and ecological crises that are being revealed all over the globe. We can either try to solve these problems ourselves, by investigating our nature and connections, or we can wait for nature to push us:

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    it is in basic terms which you're hurting and/or offending somebody badly, so definite, we are forced by potential of society to act a undeniable way. I agree that human beings on the internet are somewhat often no longer purely rude yet downright evil!!! Have a stable day now. by potential of ways, your avatar is cute! It reminds me of my in demand cat, Alexander. he's residing one hundred miles removed from me with different contributors of the kinfolk.

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    9 years ago

    I really don't know when people got the idea that humans are rational.

    There are only 2 kinds of people on the internet.... Killer or Cool. That's it. Scary huh?

    Kidding... most people are cool, but generally weird.

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    9 years ago


    people are inherently good

    society teaches them to act evilly

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That's just what the liberals want you to think.

    People are generally good. Using your logic, people would lose control momentarily and go crazy on the public. You will notice that these actions are ultimately limited to liberals and jihadists.

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    i disagree

    the point of view of our laws is that man is evil

    so some people think that is the view they should have also.

    i but don't think we are.

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