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what ways can i increase my milk production?

i heard that oatmeal works, any one know?

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    Oatmeal of course and some swear by mother's milk tea or fenugreek but the best, most sure fire way of increasing milk production is to nurse, nurse, nurse that baby. Pumping in between if you can too.

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    The absolute best way of increasing your supply is to nurse more often. It works on supply and demand. The more you nurse, the more you produce. It's that simple! If you are supplementing with formula, stop. It will only decrease your supply. Make sure you are eating enough calories and drinking plenty of water.

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    Mother's Milk Tea. It's brewed just like regular tea, but it helps improve milk production.

    Source(s): The wife used it for our first born.
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    One of the ways are just to keep making Production.. Best thing to use is a Breast machine. The more you use, the more is made. That's what i was told when i was at the doctors with my baby's mother.

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    Alfafa is great, helped me.

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