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how can i find out where someone works, i know the company but not the exact position? i know they wont tell?

the company is ExxonMobil


no its not illegal, if you can find their address online then you definitely have the right to know where they work, whether to avoid them or promote them, and by avoid them i mean if that person does not like you then you would not want him as your manager, thus i am asking where does he/she work in exxonmobil so i don't sign up for that branch of exxonmobil

Update 2:

illegal, i have the right to parade in a tank across USA according to the second amendment and point at whoever i wish as long as i do not open fire, unless its for self defense against the government, it makes sense, in 1700's the soldiers had rifles so the citizens had the right to have rifles to defend against destructive government which does not obey the people of the USA, since in modern days the goernment has far more than rifles, so should the citizens of USA be allowed to have the same tachnology in their posetion in case the government becomes unjust and destructive in nature, this should apply to atomic weapons as well

Update 3:

not if they hate me

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  • H
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    9 years ago

    Since you know that no company will tell you if a person works there or (if the person DOES work there) their child title....why are you asking this?

    It's illegal for a company to give details about it's employees to anyone other than law enforcement.

    If you want to know...then ask this person or a member of their family.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    How about asking them? I don't think they will have an issue telling you?

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