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When do you think we will have the first asian american president?

Since we had a black president all we need is a female and an asian next and then a gay or transgendered! then we can be on to robots! :D

BQ:whats your favourite asian cuisine?


it does count,i was hella racist to my husband before when I wasnt dating him and said so many mean things about black people,so me saying that made him cut himself and use skin bleach,i think it still hella counts fer sure. I feel terrible still for bein so racist. ;(

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    If we had an asian president we will be sold to China or be already owned by it (which we practically are anyways)

    fav asian food Chow mein

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    9 years ago

    Our president is technically not black...

    Source(s): He's half and half, which doesn't count.
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    Sushi and Kikiam.

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