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I want to write a story. (Details inside) Help?

Okay, so, I want to write a story with a real meaning. I can't think of any ideas. Since I can't think of anything, should I try to force ideas out or write something more fluffy into something comes to me? Advice? Thanks. :)

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    If you force an idea that's exactly how your story will come across - forced. Surround yourself with things that are meaningful and inspiring. If you really don't want to write something fluffy then don't read fluffy books and don't watch fluffy movies or TV shows and don't listen to fluffy music (whatever that may be). Eventually something will inspire you and you'll get your idea. In the meantime I would continue writing, even if it is a bit fluffy. It's good practice for when you want to get to your story with real meaning. Also, keep an open mind about your writing. Just because a story is fluffy doesn't mean there isn't a "real meaning" behind it. Good luck!

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    Hi princess.

    Firstly you shouldn't force ideas - the ideas become bad (bad word) and they lack of sense and creativity.

    Secondly you need inspiration, A inspiration that wil motivate you to write.

    Advice read a book, listen to music. Find something you feel for.

    Ideas totally come to mind. Maybe you right a story your life , friends, family, love or something fantasy-ish!!!

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    I would suggest just writing whatever comes to your mind. With any luck, the meaning will come through in time. Sometimes fluffy can be good to get you going and stuff. :)

    Hope I could help!

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    just start writing things down, whatever comes to your mind. You'll come across something you can write about eventually. May I suggest nanowrimo? Its a great event that really challenges you to just write instead of thinking about writing. And if you're younger they have one for under 18 also. for more info or just email me. Good luck!

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    Hi Okay. This is a good one.

    Sorry, but just wanting to write a story and actually writing a story are two different things.

    One is a wish, the other work.

    Write down some ideas. They don't have to make sense, but it will help you start.

    However, if you don't have a story in you, you are not a writer.

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