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Wisdom tooth question...?

Ok so I got my braces removed 5 months ago and still have my wisdom teeth. The one on the top right side has been moving and coming out. It's moving the molars on my right side of my mouth. This is messing up my bite and giving me speech problems so it's kind of like getting braces was a waste of money now. I'm suppose to get my wisdom teeth removed in 2 weeks, but what can I can about the molars that have been moved by the wisdom teeth? How can I get them to move back to how they were when i had my braces on? Oh and by the way i'm getting a crown on one of those molars so will it be able to move even with a crown on?

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    do you have a retainer? does it still fit? if so,wear it often. check back with your ortho and they will develop a plan for you to get it back.

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