How would I round 401.76 to two significant figures?

The question was (4.5)(7.2)(12.4)= 401.76 and the least amount of s.f. is two (4.5) but I can't figure out how to round it. Thanks!

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  • 9 years ago

    401.76 can be written as

    4.0176 x 10^2

    in that case we have 5 figures, so we gotta get rid of the last 3

    which would leave it as 4.0x10^2

  • QC
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    9 years ago

    Two significant digits would mean round at second digit from left: 400

    But when you have trailing zeros, it's difficult to tell if they are significant.

    So write in scientific notation:

    4.0 * 10²

    -- Ματπmφm --

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