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Why do people like rescuing animals but yet we don't help each other?

Everybody is racist but yet quick to help a animal but treat people wrong

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    Not everyone is racist; you are very wrong there. Perhaps judgemental to varying degrees, but not everyone is racist.

    In an evolutionary sense, it is not beneficial for a human to help another human who is unrelated. This is because if another human lives to reproduce viable offspring, they have become biologically fit (they have passed their genes onto the next generation) which is to no advantage to the human who has helped this individual.

    People (not so much these days, unfortunately) have a strong bond with their environment and all life within their environment as they too are part of the environment.

    For thousands of years people have always shared a bond with animals, and I suppose that hasn't completely disappeared these days.

    What has changed though, is that people are no longer in balance with nature and haven't been for some time.

    Personally I feel animals have more 'common sense' and behave in a more rational way than people do. They are adapted well and behave perfectly for their purpose in their ideal, undisturbed environment.

    We are the ones ruining their environment in a lot of cases. It is excellent to see that some people want to help animals, but we need to re-establish their habitat and environment as well!

    Source(s): I work for a conservation organisation.
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    A massive mistake is to assume animal lovers and animal rescues ignore their fellow human beings. Often by helping the animals they are helping people by proxy anyway (such as rehoming an elderly dog for an elderly owner who has gone into care).

    Never assume an animal lover neglects humans. The animal rescuers and animal lovers are often much kinder human beings towards their fellow friends and colleagues than a non-animal person!

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    Because animals are helpless, and often need rescued due to another human's actions. And also because humans are greedy, and once helped they often rely on other's to provide for them. Just look at the welfare system- how many people on welfare complain that they don't get enough assisatnace? Humans will lie, cheat and steal to get they want, so you can never tell who sincerely needs help and who genuinely needs it. Animals will take less than they need and still show their love to their owners.

    I don't know, this is only my opinion.

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    Humans are cruel while animals are innocent. Also many people feel more comfortable around animals are are more likely to help them first. Animals are also easier to help. They do not require the time and money to help like humans do. In natural disasters (hurricane, tornado, tsunami, etc) animals are often left behind to be rescued if they are lucky.

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    ok first of all not everyone is racist, I for one am not racist, but i have an answer for ya, animals are helpless and defenseless most of the time, Humans have enough common sense to take care of themselves, and if they dont take care of themselves its most likely because they are just lazy. but I for one do help people out all the time, that is what my day consists of and yes if there is an animal in need of my help i will damn sure stop what i am doing to help, same with ppl, unless they are snooty little bitches and then i say screw they dont need my help if they cant treat my like they want it.

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  • A lot of people suck.

    Animals are innocent in all ways.


    People have voices and have means of protecting themselves while animals do not.

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    9 years ago

    Everybody is not racist.

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    9 years ago

    People are afraid to " answer" the real issues in our society because it scares them because its a reflection of their own person. People feel threaten when face with their own humanity....

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