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What are your views on this video regarding barca?

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i saw it, and now i hate them even more


EDIT: hey hey dont call me a hater, sure i hate them but try looking at it from a chelsea fan prespective.. losing a final to utd cause of a penlaty miss, then losing to barca via unfair calls is harsh, and i do admit they play really well but something needs to be done, they need to like check this **** out and clear all the conspiracies going thru ppls minds then...

Update 2:

@Amon: dude calm down, its not a big deal stop overreacting like the worlds come to an end

i just wanted views and for fs i didnt td your answer... dont assume things

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    @ Kiwi bro : Bravo .. Showed another hater what it's exactly like .. You said everything that needed to be said .. Bravo ..

    As for you hater, do whatever you want .. It's a free world .. Yeah, Barca have cheated on a few occasions but if you want to overlook the overwhelming majority of the amount of time they didn't cheat and just played good football, then it's your call ..

    Edit : Sure, do whatever makes you feel better .. Real Madrid fans ( i.e Barca haters ) have been posting questions like that for quite a long time now in the Spanish section .. Football in general has devolved; the game is going from bad to worse .. Things like diving and all are pretty much the story of every club .. Can you name ANY club free from such blemishes like diving, rough tackling, benefiting from bad refereeing decisions ?? .. Ummm, probably NO, right ?? .. Yeah, I thought so ..

    Handballs are contentious decisions .. Referees have to decide on them in the spur of the moment .. Have you stopped to realize how hard that might be without the aid of technology ?? .. We have the advantages of replays and all; referees don't .. Sure, they are PAID to do exactly this kind of things but still you cannot deny how hard a job it is ..

    Didn't like my answer and TD'd it ?? .. I have no problem with that mate .. and for your own sake, read kiwi-bro's answer AGAIN .. and AGAIN ..

    Edit : Yeah bro, I'm cool .. and please read kiwi-bro's answer again along with my 1st Edit ..

    Thanks ..

  • 9 years ago

    What a joke.

    I hate the diving display a lot of those Barca players put on. I think it's pathetic and that's the only thing that really makes me lose respect for them as a footballing club.

    But the other things can hardly be controlled. The handballs in that Chelsea game were so tough to call. The first one (on Pique I think) was a handball I couldn't even judge on the video, looked like he chested it at first. Don't blame the ref for missing that. The second was bit questionable. It struck his arm quite high, almost at shoulder length and it seems there's no real intent of Eto'o deliberately using his arm to stop a goal, he was just turning his back. It's one that could or couldn't have been called.

    The Van Persi red card was a fair call. Harsh, but none the less fair. He kicked the ball away after the whistle and that's a yellow card, unfortunately for him it was his second yellow.

    Now the "stat" at the end is wrong. 3 red cards in the last 3 years? They had 3 red cards last season alone.

    Barcelona play the best football in the world at the moment. People can't deny that nor can they label them as cheaters. Judging them on the terrible diving aspect of their game is one thing to despise but then again, that's La Liga for you. Though it should be said that they don't "pay refs". Their talent is shown through the game, simple as that.

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    I can imagine how Drogba,Ballack or Anelka(infact the whole team) would have felt having experienced it myself.

    An inter-school annual football competition finals against our fiercest rivals,81st minute score 1-1, my team-mate took a free-kick,a freaking awesome freekick which was gong inside the goal until the referees head popped in from nowhere and mistaken barred the ball from going inside.He didn't let us take another free-kick and the opponent counter-attacked and scored an offside goal after 17 seconds.We lost 2-1.

    Unsurprisingly,that referee got a post in that school after the match and the school's main football coach.Now,that what is known as classical match-fixing.They made him an offer which he couldn't refuse(from the Godfather)

  • 9 years ago

    well it's the same as Real Madrid

    Ronaldo and Di Maria diving also all game long.

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  • 9 years ago

    so i dont like busquets but barca forever

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    real madrid

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