Taxi driver or something elce?

Well I have this power point for speech and its over a career of our should I do a taxi driver? I just don't know if she will think its like a joke and give me a bad grade:/if not what do you think I should do?:o thanks for your help:)

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    9 years ago
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    It appears the object of your speech is to expound on "your" career choice. If you are really interested in being a taxi driver it will be evident in the content of your speech. If you make up something that you really are not interested in it will be very difficult to show your real interest in the profession. Be honest and put forth your true choice of careers, that's where your interest is and if done with real effort it will show.

  • Kenny
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    9 years ago

    Something else.

    It's not an inspiring career path one would take.

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