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Why gum isnt allowed at school?

What are the reasons schools wont let us chew gum in school? Do you thunk these are good reasons? Why? I think it should be allowed to chew gum. Its not bothering them sooo I dont see what the problem is :/

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    -Because it has a Sticky habit of showing up in the WRONG Places... ;)

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    listed under are some the clarification why some faculties ban chewing gum. a million) it somewhat is distracting 2) if no longer disposed of appropriate it could unfold virus's and infections, if somebody has case in point the disease and diarrhea malicious program, which could be transmitted by using it to different people who might touch it if caught down someplace. 3) it somewhat is undesirable on your well being in case you chew some thing day in day trip specifically on your jaw. 4) there is an threat which you will choke whilst chewing the gum (cough or sneeze and bye bye gum hi choking) 5) eating and eating are banned from lecture rooms besides so it somewhat is the comparable for gum. 6) faculties have a habit of care to you and your type so each thing is banned to allow them to proceed that care in a secure risk unfastened ecosystem which incorporate some thing that looks harmless like gum.

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    Feel the bottom of your desk and chair. Lumpy? That's old gum "disposed" of improperly. Another reason is that it is rude to sit there and smack on gum while someone is trying to teach you. Also, consider this: You see the kid next to you put a stick of gum in his mouth. It is your favorite kind. You ask him for a piece. Your attention has just sidled away from the teacher lol

    Respect people and their stuff and respect will be shown unto you. If every kid that chewed gum was polite and threw the gum in a trashcan, gum wouldn't be "outlawed" in school.

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    It is the disposal of the gum that is the main problem

    Also there is the risk of chocking in the mayhem that is the playground and the school does not want that responsibility.

    And as a teacher who only teaches those who need remedial help, and chose to come in their off time for lessons therefore have an interest in learning, I can hand on heart tell you that when any of my students is chewing gum their concentration and reasoning skills fly out of the window!

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    That was due to mythology. Hence, by rejecting gum, students would raise questions and thus they can debate and thus they can learn. Rejecting gum is to raise the innovation abilities of students.

    In fact, scientific prove has showed that chewing gum can help students to breath in more oxygen and keeping them awake during the whole school day. By chewing gum, students can speak less during lessons. If you are scientific, you should fight for your right in chewing gum. That can help you and your mates to increase learning abilities and innovation abilities.

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    Because students like to stick the gum on desks, walls, floors, and the sidewalk when they are done chewing. Gum is extremely difficult and expensive to remove.

    No such word as "thunk".

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    your molars and bicuspid teeth are eroding every second you chew.

    and every gum chewer ALWAYS stick their cast off gum in the bottom of the desk.

    or the top of the ceiling tho those come off and drop on to someones hair and they complain and yeah the schools got tired of gum in the hair complaints and simply banned chewing gum (easiest solution) Got it?

    If gum is banned in your school, blame that on the previous students

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    There aren't good reasons, teaching is a job for control freaks, and despite all of them telling you how special you are they want absolute conformity. This is why the drug up kids who show spirit on Ritalin. Vote no on teacher pay raises, and smash unions wherever they hide!

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    Observe the grounds of schools and the answer is blatant.

  • Raj
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    9 years ago

    It is a disgusting habit.

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