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Why'd he want to have sex?

My boyfriend and I were at his house, and his mom called him. So he went to the living room, then like 10 minutes later he came back crying. And I was kind of freaking out cause he never cries. He closed the door and was standing in front of it then this happened:

Me: What happened!?

Him: *he didn't say anything*

Me: Are you ok?

Him: yeah. *he wiped his face*

Me: What happened?

Him: nothing. It's fine

Me: what?

Him: yeah... let's have sex.

Me: what?

Him: yeah

Me: now?

Him: yeah

Me: your moms out there

Him: so

Me: your moms out there!

Him: come on

Me: what happened?

Him: doesn't matter *he took off his shirt*

Me: why now?

Him: cause I want to have sex with you

Me: yeah. But why NOW?

Him: please

Me: tell me why

Him: please!

Me: no

Him: why?

Me: cause you won't tell me why

Him: cause I want to have sex with you

Me: you were crying like 2 seconds ago

Him: so?

Me: why were you crying?

Him: doesn't matter!

Me: ok

Him: please

Me: no

Him: why?

Me: I don't want to

Him: *then he just kind of looked at me*

Me: I'm gonna go

Him: *he didn't say anything*

and I left. WHAT THE HELL!? Why'd he want to have sex right then? And he wasn't even hard(his mom's a homophobe, if it matters) Should I have had sex with him?

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    When I get sad RARELY I will want to be intimate, so I'm guessing he was so upset that he wanted to be... Closer than close to you. Wanted to feel needed & all that, & showing it physically is easier for guys.

    At least I really hope that's it because that's pretty weird.

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    having gay sex was his way of rebelling against his homophobic mom.

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