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help this kind of concerns me?

im a 13 year old boy proven to have ADHD and ADD. i go off in to la la land as my my teachers call it a few times every hour. i will snap out of it when they say my name though. such as in english we were reading and the teacher said my name and it turns out i was staring at the clock when i thought i was reading. plus when ever something good happens to me some how i end up thinking it was a dream that i remembered which scares me what actually has happened and what has not. and i also have to indirectly ask my mom or dad if that really happened. also 6 hour car drives seem to take minutes because i just blank out and remember nothing.


plus when im alone i get insane random bursts to do stupid stuff like jump around or a wierd face or eve talk like a person it there

Update 2:

does it make it worse when your mom is a counselor

Update 3:

and yes my parents know i have it

Update 4:

sorry but i will not see any more psychiatrists they drive me insane

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    hey! I'm a 12 year old girl who has EXACTLY the same problems! Well, they aren't really problems, just things that make us special! You sound like a nice guy and you should be proud to be so special! PS when you pull faces, zone out or jump around yOU arejust expressing your insanley happy feelings! :)

    <3 <3 <3,

    cute kat

    Source(s): me and my psychiatrist
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    i have ADD and im 16 and what really helped was seeing a psychiatrist and getting on this drug intuniv it really helped but it had some shitty side effects but only because i have a pre existing health condition. you should talk to your parents.

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    Maybe you would benefit from ADHD medication. Lots of people do.

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