Can i start letting my one year old cry it out now?

I have always picked up my son when he cries and have never let him cry it out. He is extremely clingy and I can't do anything. I can't even walk away from him or out of the room without him screaming and crying while following me. My friends are telling me that I should let him cry to learn that he can not cry to get what he wants. I am wondering if it's too late to start the cry it out method and if hes just going to be confused why mommys not picking him up or if I can catch it now? But I can not keep revolving my every move around what he wants me to do...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Just pay attention to him.At one children sometimes experience separation and/or strangers anxiety and this could just be why he seems to be so clingy.

    You need to explain to him that mommy is here and not going anywhere.Take it a little at a time.Like let him play with some toys where he can see you,but do not pick him up.Try and distract him with other things or play toys with him,but do not pick him up.

    You should just be letting him know that you are there but that every time he cries or screams,that is not what he does for attention.He is still young and can not express himself.Try teaching him to sign some things that he may want.This can ease some of his frustrations.Signing can also help his vocabulary in the long run.since you teach the word with the sign.

    Just try and get him to play more independently,letting him know that you love him very much.It takes time for them to adjust.But he is not spoiled,he is just comforted by's natural.Gradually letting him self sooth is better.He is just one and not 2 or 3.He is one and is most likely crying for a reason.What if you couldn't talk?It would be frustrating too,trying to get people to listen.

  • 9 years ago

    If your child is crying and throwing a fit because they simply do not want to do what must be done, then yes. Let him cry it out. Otherwise, he will come to understand (if he doesn't already) that this gets him what he wants. Children are smart this way. If it is because he is scared then figure out a way to soothe him. My son suddenly became scared of the dark? He wants his lamp on at all times (even during the day). Okay, if this makes him happy and is not causing a bad habit then why not? Talking to him will let him understand what needs to happen also. Not just at bed/nap time but talk about it during play time too. They do understand a lot more than we give them credit for.

    Source(s): son is almost three!
  • 9 years ago

    I've got one on the way and I see this same situation with my friend. It's a vicious cycle really and it's going to hurt either way :\

    Either you pick him up and hold him each time he wants it and drive yourself CRAZY from that, or you start letting the little guy self-sooth on his own and grow into it. He'll sure as hell throw some serious tantrums, but soon he'll just end up adapting and grow stronger as a child.

    You won't be wanting him doing this forever right??

  • 9 years ago

    It's never too should have been from practically the start...the proof is in that you've made a spoiled and insecure 1 yr old through your actions. But since you can't change what you've done, learn from it....your son will learn this very quickly and will NOT be traumatized i the least believe me!

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