Does he like me?? Help!?

Ok so I like this guy at school and we don't talk at all and one day in science we had to like go around in partners to another table and I got his table and so I got there and sat down and didn't say hi cause I was too shy so him and my partner (this weird dude) started talking and then he told me "I can't believe you didn't say hi to me!" and I was like "oh sorry hi" anyways why would he say tht as if we were really good friends and it would be weird tht I didnt say hi to him?? ok and then like everyday in class we constantly look at each other and when he sees tht I'm looking he will quickly look away. This happens like all the time! Also at lunch he always passes by where I'm sitting and today at lunch he passed by with his friends and this time I was standing facing where he passed by and when he did him and his friend both completely turned their heads and looked at me and so to be cute I smiled at him and then he gave me a weird look tht could either mean "weirdo why are you looking at me?" OR "did she just look at me?" idk!! and then they said something to each other and his friend looked back again!! Then while I was freaking out with my friends a couple minutes later his friends passed by again and this other one of his friends looked over at me and then when they got farther away they all looked back!! What the heck! I'm so confused! Does he like me and he's telling all his friends or wht?? Please! Any boys out there tht know what they are doing? I don't get how guys think! Boys are so confusing! Someone help! What do you think??

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    9 years ago
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    I'm sorry I'm not a boy to figure that out for you but from personal experience it only means two things.

    First possibility = good. Yes, he could like you.

    Second possibility = heartbreaking. He might know that you like him and he tells his friends because he finds it weird.

    So be careful cause it might be the second one. good luck with him, though!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well i'm a girl but i'm gonna answer anyways! ummm well he either likes you and is telling all his friends about this super hot chick in his class or he thinks that you like him and is telling his friends because he's slightly weirded out! be carful your on thin ice! good luck! =D

  • 9 years ago

    Boys are actually very much like girls in the way they behave around crushes.

    But if you think he likes you, chances are he does. I would suggest asking him straightforward, without your or his friends around(to relieve any stress about answering).

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