can having ur tubes tied cause hormonal changes?

i asked my dr specifically if getting my tubes tied would make my already uncomfortable periods worse or better or cause any change to them at all and she assured me that simply blocking the egg from reaching the uterus would in no way change my period. well let me tell u it has changed significantly since having it done a yr ago and not for the better, it has become unbearable and has put me in the ER a few times because of the pain and uncontrollable bleeding. but i dont know if its because of the tubal or if its just a coincidence. but i was reading a medical journal article and it says the side effects of a tubal reversal are irregular and heavier and more painful periods, symptoms of early onset menopause, loss of libido, worsening of PMS symptoms, anxiety, hot/cold flashes, mood swings, trouble sleeping. i have had all of these except early onset of menopause symptoms. and im wondering if any one else has heard these things, or experienced them? thanks so much! (PS: i obviously had no idea there were hormonal side effects from the procedure, or i would have NEVER done it. i did it this way to avoid hormonal changes caused by birth control or and IUD.)


i havnt been pregnant in 13 mths, my daughters over a yr old. and i did ask in womens health but also thought there might be some other moms in this section who had experienced it.

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    Heather, the name for your symptoms is Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS)

    Although women often suffer from adverse symptoms and side effects after a tubal ligation, many doctors question whether Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome is real. Most women who experience these symptoms believe it is.

    One cause maybe a decline in estrogen/progesterone hormone levels caused by isolation of the ovaries.

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    Tubes Tied Side Effects

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    I would say a meer coincident. Because there's nothing different happening besides your uterus receiving the egg but it's strange, have you had an MRI done maybe they left something else in there or tied your tubes with something other than surgical string, something that's releasing hormones or dousing a hormonal imbalance. It's also true that when you give birth your hormones are off the chain and can take up to two years to start going back to normality.

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    Yes, it can. Women who have their tubes tied go through menopause 2 years earlier than average. They also have reduced risk of ovarian cancer. Both of these well-verified statistics demonstrate that hormones have been changed. It is believed that blood flow to the ovaries is reduced in many cases due to the surgery. Doesn't happen to some, happens really badly to others. These are passive statistics--they're not experimenting, they're not actively doing studies to see stuff like changes in FSH, for example. Because there's not any interest in this topic, and your ob-gyn probably didn't know anything about this because, again, docs don't care about it.

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  • 9 years ago

    My mother has her tubes tied for 15 years now and she said there's nothing different maybe you should have some test done and make sure your uterus isn't infected I heard that infection can be very painful and life threatening if not treated

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    Given that you asked this in newborn/baby rather than women's health shows me that you recently had a kid. Pregnancy can change your hormonal regulation and menstration and not just temporarily. So say you gave birth or terminated, those changes happened then not when you had your tubes tied.

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