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Your horse stories, falls and brags?

SHare your stories, falls and brags!

My brag is that I was riding my new TB gelding for the third time, and he was being reaallllly sluggish at the trot, we tried everything, nothing worked, so my instructor pulled out the lunge whip and started making a huuuuge racket. Anyway, he was trotting pretty quick after that, but was still listening, and my instructor had stopped cracking the whip, when suddenly my horse decided to cut across the arena, threw in a nice buck and started into a very bumpy half canter half gallop, then did a lovely sliding stop at the end of the arena!

And through all that I stayed on!

Another time I went horse riding along the beach on a pony with a riding school, and we were cantering along. My pony HATED the water, but stayed really close to the waves becasue the ground was harder and easier to canter along.

Now, just one quick thing. It normally takes me about 5-10 strides to get my seat right, to relax and get used to the rythem of the canter. I'd just done this when a wave came in and my pony went sideways about 10 meters, then tripped in the deep sand! I managed to hold on and she steadied herself and cantered for a few strides, then saw the other horses were really far away and just EXPLODED. I had my first gallop :D

It wasnt for very long, just until she caught the other horses, but i was scared she was going to trip again :l

Needless to say I stuck to a trot after that!

An embarrasing story... I was trotting along on my second trail ride ever, when we had to go over a really steep hill/bank that was about 25cm and straight up, I wasnt sure how my pony would take it and tensed up, and the little rascal went sideways! I fell off, straight into the path of the other horses. Fortunately I didnt get trampled. Then, five minutes later we had come to a stop, and I was trying to calm myself down and relax, when someone who was gardening stood up and my pony shied again. And I fell off. Again. I was so embarrased!!

Thank god, my seat has improved since then! I was riding my TB the other day and a dog jumped up unexpectedly, he went sideways and did a 180 at the same time, then took off in a trot, and I stayed on.

He will think twice about rubbing me off on a branch again, too! I was riding him in the padock for the first time, and he took the bit in his teeth, swung round and straight under a branch. I leant forward and he, being an ex racehorse, took off, all these twigs fell off the branch as we went under and he turned to water and freaked, he was shaking and everything. And me? I was laughing my head off! (still in the saddle! :D) He's avoided that branch ever since!

Another time (LAST ONE I PROMISE!!!) I was riding my friends 12.2hh pony, who's 20 but can still go at the slightest touch of the heels. I was riding without stirrups when she did a 180 turn and took off in a very pony-like trot (sooooo bumpy!!) then turned this tiny tight circle. My legs were sooooo cramped!!

Anyway, ignore my little brag, I'm just proud of how far my riding has come in the last few years, I used to fall off everytime the horse went sideways, and now I'm staying on quite well indeed :)

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    Brag: (Disclaimer--I realize this was a dumb thing to do, I was young and reckless and would never do this now) I was on a sort of first date with a guy and he really wanted to go horse back riding with me, so I brought him to the farm. The horses were way out at the back of a muddy pasture so I told him to wait at the gait while I brought them up. The trek all the way out there was awful, so I thought eh I will just ride back. I hopped on one of the horses and threw the lead rope over his neck. Right at that moment, something spooked the herd and they took off running. The horse I was on wasn't going to be left behind so he bolted as well. So here I am with nothing but a lead rope and bareback on a galloping horse. He wasn't happy that I was on him so he started bucking. Somehow, we made it to the gate and I stayed on. A really stupid thing to do, but I am still quite impressed with myself for staying on. I don't know how I did--he was full out galloping and bucking. The guy was super impressed.

    Embarrassing- Actually just happened last week. With all the rain, a bunch of horses at the farm have started getting scratches on their ankles. The vet advised that we use Micoconazole to treat it as it is a fungal infection. Know what that is? Yeast infection medicine. So I had to go the pharmacy and clear out an entire shelf of Monistat. Waiting in line with arms overflowing with yeast infection meds, pretty much the most embarrassing horse related moment I've experienced lol! "Really, it's not for me."

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    Sure, I'll share some stories:)

    My brag:

    I am AMAZED and SO proud at how far my horse has come. I look at him and just feel like the luckiest person in the world.

    See, he is a registered part-bred Lipizzaner. And the people in the Lipizzaner association never liked him much. (I don't know why). His last trainers hated him, and no-one really showed any interest in him.

    Now, I get compliments on him wherever I go. People see him, and they come up and say 'He is absolutely gorgeous'. After winning a championship, I had strangers come over and congratulate me on my work-out.

    Just yesterday, a lady was visiting the stud I work at and happened to see my horse. She was just spilling compliments everywhere! I was then asked to ride him in a Lipizzaner showcase in front of the Lipizzaner association!!!!

    I know people are jealous of him (even though he has his various vices and behavior problems) and I have had people come up to me and offer to buy him at competitions.

    We've never been out of the ribbons at shows, he is always challenging- but has taught me more than I could ever have learned with any other horse.

    I am just so proud of him:)

    Embarrassing story:

    I was riding my boss's stallion, who has a history of spooking.

    We were going quietly around the arena- when suddenly he spooked at the jumping standards. I held my seat and circled him around to look at the objects. He kept spooking and jumping sideways, I kept bringing him back around.

    Eventually, I got fed up and prepared to dismount so I could lead him over.

    As soon as my feet hit the floor, he BOLTED away from me, smashed through the arena fence, and went charging down the driveway- breaking his bridle in the process.

    So that was rather embarrassing to tell the owner....

    I should have known better!

    (Just saying, though, once I caught him, I took him back to the arena and lunged him by the scary jumps until he was calm....I won that one!).

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    I would love to share!

    My brag:

    Once when I was a little girl, probably about 10 years old, I was in a posse with more experienced riders. This one girl had a bay pony and he was being a little brat for her. She was trying to lope her in a circle, stop and back up a few paces. She was about 15. I have a bay mare too, so, I offered to trade because I wanted her to ride a "good" horse for a minute. I got on her horse, amd he was a handful, I got on, and did the same routine she was attempting, and he was an ANGEL for me. I felt awesome, Because she was at least5 years older than me, and I could ride her horse better than she could.

    I have more brags, I'll just not sound like a self centered person and move on to a new story. ha ha.

    My worst fall, Was probably;

    I was 12 and on that same mare. Sadie. I was riding alone in the field behind our house, and My mare decided to go home. I pulled her off along the fence line, and she ran me under a tree. I slapped into a branch and fell off her hind en. My glasses (I wore them at the time) fell off too. I screamed bloody murder. I didn't know I could hit that high of a note, but the whole neighborhood came running. My grandmother was furious that I freaked everyone out, and i hadn't even got a scrape. It just scared me like no other. I had no injuries, but everyone thought I broke my back. It was the worst fall IN MY LIFE, because I overreacted and looked like a fool.

    Stories? I have tons of those.

    I got this gelding in may of 2010. He was 6 years old and I loved him. One of our first major trail rides it was me on him, my friend on my old mare, and my cousin on her horse. We went up and stopped by a little creek on a flat piece of land. We all loosened our saddles and ate and drank what we had brought. Apparently I loosened my saddle to much, my horse started pawing at the ground, and, not being very Intelligent, I assumed "Hey, he is trying to dig to the better grass" I'm a duntz. My horse rolled, in the mud, with my saddle on him, in the middle of the mountains. I had to re-groomwith no brusheds, and resaddle in the middle of no-where.

    Source(s): 7 years with horses, My gelding passing away, motivatoin to move on.
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    Well, I can brag about the fact that I've never been bucked off (knock on wood). Don't think I haven't ridden through my share of bucks. I've ridden horses with some of the worst manners and a buck or rear has yet to unseat me. My riding instructor once asked me if I glued myself to my seat before every ride. She asked this after I was having a bareback lesson on my dad's mare, and she took off around the arena bucking and twisting. I didn't fall, despite my lack of saddle and the mare's violent attempts to throw me.

    Though I've never been thrown while a horse has intentionally tried to throw me, I have fallen numerous times and always for stupid reasons.

    1) The first time I fell was off my first horse, Allie. She was a flighty, 5-year-old, 16.1 hand, appaloosa mare. My best friend was trying out a new saddle and I guess it didn't fit. The saddle slipped, which spooked her flighty, NSH gelding. He took off, leaving my friend in the dirt and was heading right for me and Allie with a saddle flopping around between his legs. Allie saw this and took off. I didn't have a chance. Her take off was so abrupt she bolted right out from under me and I landed on my butt. It then took us about 45 minutes to catch both horses that were running around frantic.

    2) My second fall was off my dad's appaloosa mare. We were having a lesson and a yearling colt pastured next to the riding arena jumped the fence out of his paddock. His hooves hit the top rail on his way over making a whole lot of noise. Queen spooked on the spot, shying and bending her body around to look at the noise. Her barrel went left and I went right. I landed on my back under her. She then proceeded to prance around me and accidentally stepped on me. I cracked two ribs, but she was good and stayed by me, even helped me up. The other girl who was having a lesson with me fell off at the same time when her horse spooked.

    3) The third time I fell was off Rags, my own 16.0 hand, appaloosa gelding. We were in the warm up arena at a show, practicing a course of fences. While we were jumping another part of the course my riding instructor raised the last fence. Rags and I rounded the turn to the last fence and both of us did a double take. It was higher than we'd ever jumped before, at least 4'. We both hesitated before the fence and at the last second, Rags decided to deer jump it. I was launched straight up out of the saddle and when we landed, I landed off center and slid off the side. Rags doubled back and stood with me as I picked my self up and dusted the sand off my hunt outfit. He didn't mean to unseat me.

    4) The fourth time I fell was off one of my grandfather's ex-racehorses. I was starting to re-introduce Echo to riding, and we were practicing standing quietly by the mounting block, as she has a tendency to spook at the mounting block when someone was trying to mount. I wasn't planning on getting on so she was just in a halter and lead. She was doing really well standing by the block, so I got up on the block and danced around. She didn't move. I layed over her back... still didn't move. I swung a leg over and she still didn't move. I scooted onto her back and sat there bareback and bridleless. For a few seconds she was still, then she took off like race horses are apt to do. When she turned at the end of the arena I went straight and she finished the turn. I wasn't hurt but dang was I stupid for doing that. lol

    5) My fall after that was off my app filly that I was training. I raised her from birth and she's the first horse I ever trained start to finish. She was a challenge and was known to be stubborn, ornery and willful. She was a violent buck/rear/crow hopper and had outbursts of this violent behavior often, but that's not what threw me. We were having fun with two cross rails set up adjacent to each other across the diagonal. I was taking her in figure eights over them. She seemed to be enjoying herself and maybe the third time through, we rounded the top of our figure eight and she trips. I did a somersault over her shoulder and landed on my back. I sat up just in time to see her finish the figure eight and jump the jump in the middle of the arena without me.

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