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What are your thoughts on modern p0rn0graphy?

Why do people say that p0rn degrades women, when the p0rn actresses themselves don't feel degraded because they enjoy doing it and they paid for it. Its their job. Plus they are super rich.

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    I personally don't watch porn but if someone else does, go ahead. It really doesn't matter to me. I don't think it degrades women and really don't understand why people would think that. I do disagree that all porn stars enjoy their jobs. Sure they look like they're having a grand time, but its called acting. I believe its more indifference rather than liking for most of them. And no, they're not super rich. Sure a few of them are but they're the rarity not the rule. Porn stars tend to burn through money quickly due to the amount of upkeep. That waxed body, hair, manicure, pedicure, tan, etc does not come cheap at all and most of the times they're required to do this out of their own money. A full body wax about every two weeks can cost over $200 easily and the mani/pedi costs $60+. Fake tans aren't as pricey, maybe $40 a month membership, hair can greatly vary depending on how long it is and what treatment. But that's probably the most expensive out of all of it. And then there's the gym membership and dieting so that they don't get fat. All in all most pornstars would be making about the same amount of disposable income as any regular person. Except they have no real opportunity to move up in their job and no future in the industry except in the very limited and competitive milf genre.

    Is it degrading? No. Is it a smart choice? No.

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    Well fat dyyke feminist ,, hate, and I mean HATE any woman being submissive to a Man in any context.

    in general I like it, and I like porn stars like Sasha Grey, isabel ice and Amber Rayne who are very slutty and submissive and seem frustrated by the things the main stream porn industry won't let them do. In fact there is a thread on adult dvd talk forum that is several years old about something dirty I cannot describe here that has had several porn stars on it lamenting how they hated that people were so uptight about some things sexual and dirty.

    Isabel Ice actually got some of her comments deleted because from a discussion thread because the moderators thought they were a little too much. Which is an accomplishment on a website about hard core pornography.

    Most are not rich but they do better than some people with high end degrees.

    I also find iinterestingng that some porn stars like Kelly Wells view guys simply as walking penises and objectify Men simply as a means of pleasure and that any Man that doesn't want to "degrade" her sexually is worthless as a human being. I am not sayin that's good, but it is interesting. I think she was sexually abused (though she claims she wasn't ) and now the only way she can get that High is by doing that extreme stuff. In interviews I have seen with her she seems very bright.

    The ones mentioned above are pretty enough to do whatever kind of porn they want and probably get paid better but they are consistentlyly found in the same types of movies.

    Also I have noticed the smarter they are the kinkier they are. Girls like Audrey Hollander and Amber Rayne have college degrees but do some of the movies that really push the envelope on what is acceptable in pornography today. Simply put, they are female perverts, And I love them for it.

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    I say nay! Alot of these kids are in on that Femdom thing (You know where the woman is in control and all) and its slowly but surely is becoming more evident. I've seen a few clips on youtube and I swear it looks to me that the woman is having a far more pleasurable time beating on the dude than the dude thats paying her to beat on him. But, hey, it is what it is!

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    I don't judge them I just feel sorry for them because man won't take them seriously. They act not everything is enjoyable is like prostitution only better. They don't become rich there's so much porn out they have to be better. 50 % is porn . There alot of free porn

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    I blame feminism.

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